What is Dentophobia?

Published: 20th October 2010
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Dentophobia, or fear of dentists, is a common phobia among people of all ages. It is oftentimes related to fear of doctors, or iatrophobia, as well as fear of needles, or trypanophobia. Dentophobia can be mild or severe, and can subsequently result n detrimental consequences.

Dentophobia can be classified into different aspects. Most people with this type of phobia fear more than one aspect, while those with sever Dentophobia may have fears for most or even all aspects simultaneously.

The first factor why people fear dental procedures is the dentist. Like doctors, revenue auditors, and other commonly feared professions, dentists cast a cold and unfeeling aura that normally results to the perceived feeling of fear. If one has a negative vibes on dentists, he may be prone to this type of dentophobia. Second, completely painless dentistry, until recent developments in technology, has always been perceived as difficult or next to impossible. Even to date, some dental procedures may involve a slight amount of pain. Since many people are extremely sensitive to oral pain, they develop such dentophobia. Third, some people’s mouth tends to go numb when it comes to medical procedures, resulting in choking or difficulty in breathing. Lastly, fear of needles and drills takes major victims of this type of phobia.

A tenured Maryville TN dentist would tell that, whether due to genetics or simple coincidence, dental health varies significantly from one individual to the next. Some people are able to last for years between dentist visits with little or no impact to their teeth or gums. Others are susceptible to dental caries and gum disease no matter how frequently they brush and floss. If one is not lucky enough, dentophobia can claim real consequences.

Dental caries tend to become worse as time passes by. Small cavities that once could have been easily filled up can lead to decayed teeth needing expensive and invasive root canal procedures and reconstructive dental jobs by tenured Maryville TN dentists. This knowledge can make one even less likely to seek treatment creating poor cycles.

In the modern world, everybody is expected to have clean, healthy, and neat set of teeth. If one’s teeth become broken or rotten due to caries and negligence, he can suffer a social stigma. In some cases, dental issues can cause infections. Maryville TN dentists warn that failure to treat the infection can cause it to spread, causing serious medical illnesses. Infected tissues also hurt, so pain is not an unusual effect of dentophobia.

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